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Delmhorst G7 Digital Grain Moisture Meter

Delmhorst G7 Digital Grain Moisture Meter (G7)
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Simply fill the small metal cup with about 1 ounce of grain and screw down the T-press.  Select your grain and the unit will quickly display the moisture content of the sample.  Great for use in the field as the unit is powered by a single 9-Volt battery (included).


The Portable Delmhorst G-7 Grain Moisture Meter is Easy-to-Use and especially useful to Field Test moisture content of Corn, Beans and Small Grains at Harvest Time and while in Storage. You may also attach optional Remote H4 Handle and Probes to check moisture in Hay Bales and the Windrow.


Delmhorst G-7 Grain Moisture Meter * Microcontroller based circuit for greater accuracy and reliability * Built-in correction factors for Barley, Coffee, Corn, Flax, Hay, Oats, Rapeseed, Rough rice, Sorghum, Soybeans, Wheat, and Rye * Built-in temperature correction over the range of 32 - 160° F (0 - 70° C) * Programmable offset to match elevator * Stores up to 150 accumulated readings in user-defined batches by grain * Displays the average and highest readings, and standard deviation and co-efficient of variance of stored readings * Adjustable set point indicator to alert you when a pre-selected %MC has been reached * Connector for an external electrode * Built-in calibration check.


Accurate to +/- 0.5% in the moisture range of 9 - 17%

Accurate to +/- 1% in the moisture range of 17-30%


Durable, Strong Construction - Great for Use in the Field and All Around the Farm


  • Designed to check moisture levels in the following grains and hay:   Barley  Coffee  Corn  Flax  Hay  Oats  Rapeseed  Rough rice  Rye  Sorghum  Soybeans  Wheat 

  • Nominal Range:  9% - 30% MC depending on grain 
  • Built-in temperature correction 

  • User programmable offset 

  • Stores up to 150 readings 

  • Adjustable set point indicator 

  • Digital readout 

  • Includes (1) 9-Volt Alkaline Battery 

  • Proven microcontroller circuit 

  • One year warranty