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Dog Ovulation Detector by Draminski (Genuine Draminski), 2 Yr Warranty

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DRAMINSKI Dog Ovulation Detector - Genuine Draminski

2 Year Warranty 

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The detector is a portable device that helps determining the optimal time for mating.


It is a perfect device for breeders who experience problems with effective mating. Owing to this simple method, the breeder can detect ovarian cycle disorders and determine the best date of mating, even if external symptoms fail to indicate that. The device uses the relationship between changes in the electrical resistance of mucus and appearance of estrous. Measurement is easy to make and completely safe for a tested animal.


  • detecting the best mating time for bitches,
  • no need to repeat mating,
  • helps to identify ‘silent heat’ and ovarian cycle disorders,
  • reduction of costly visits to the vet,
  • allows for eliminating the stress related with repeated attempts at mating,
  • reduces travel costs related to re-mating.


Measurement process

Measurement is made by inserting the probe in the animal’s vagina. The result is obtained after conducting a measurement cycle. It is advised to conduct one or two measurement cycles per day.

It is important to carefully disinfect the probe before making a measurement.


The set includes:

  • DRAMIŃSKI DOD estrous detector,
  • 1 x 9V 6F-22 type battery,
  • measurement sheet,
  • transport case with foam insert,
  • manual.


2 Year Warranty

It gives readouts of electrical resistance of vaginal mucus which undergoes characteristic changes during the course of heat.


The ovulation tester for dogs enables:

  • exclusion of multiple mating of the bitch
  • identification of so called “false heat”
  • elimination of problems associated with disorders during heat
  • time saving
  • great reduction in financial costs of multiple mating




A typical graph indicating the fluctuations in vaginal mucus resistance is presented. The optimal mating period is indicated. Often in practice, there are variations to this normal curve and the maximum peak reading between animals.


Thus, this optimal graph may be adjusted to each breeder’s own experience and that of the individual bitch. Some bitches may peak at 400 units where others peak at 600, 750 or over a 1000, but it is important to remember that it is the profile trace that is important and NOT the actual value of the readings.


We recommend the following interpretation of readings:

  • If the reading is between 100-200 units, there is no need to take daily measurements.
  • When readings rise above 200, daily measurements should be taken. Sometimes readings at this level may last a few days and then show a dynamic increase.
  • When readings begin to rise, it is advisable to take readings more frequently (such as 2, 3 or 4 times a day) to accurately determine the precise point of ovulation.


Thus readings for example could be taken at breakfast, lunch, tea and suppertime. This is especially important in the case of a bitch that ovulates early, or only stands for a limited time to accept the dog. As shown on the graph, it is most important to record the maximum readings of resistance that are reached and shown on the LCD and the subsequent decrease in resistance values. Day one (and at the latest day two) AFTER the peak reading is the ideal time for mating.


We encourage breeders to note the common “false peak” which occurs before the real one. It is easy to identify as it occurs at much lower resistance levels and is seen during the proestrous period at around days 3 to 5.



FAQ – DRAMINSKI Dog Ovulation Detector

How to clean the instrument?

Disinfect the detector before and after each measurement. Careful and thorough cleaning and disinfection of the instrument are the most important conditions for its proper usage. Always use disinfectants at concentrations given by the manufacturer, as otherwise they may cause irritation of the vaginal lining. Clean the instrument before each use to prevent this. The solution of the disinfecting agent should be prepared directly before the next use of the detector. The best disinfectant agent is Hibiscrub, Dettox or Savlon solutions, or any other agent indicated for veterinary use. Wipe the surface of the probe with the solution, then rinse thoroughly with water, dry and put into a box.


Can the instrument be used when the bitch has problems?

Well, the problems will remain. Obviously this instrument will not solve the reproduction problems of a bitch. It will not change an infertile bitch into a fertile one. However, it is another instrument to facilitate managing reproduction programs. This instrument can be used at home. It will reduce the number of visits at the vet’s as well as the number of more expensive and invasive tests. It will help to determine false heat because in such a case a value of the reading will not increase. Also in the case of quiet heat the peak of climax can be determined precisely.


Can the probe be used after mating?

Yes, it can; it should not have any adverse effects.


How will I know that the probe is in an adequate place?

The probe should be inserted until light resistance is felt when the probe reaches the cervix. It constitutes approx. 3/5 of the probe length (namely 3 inches inside and 2 inches outside). In this place the tip of the probe is in the area containing the highest concentration of mucus what allows to achieve a precise and reliable reading. This position changes slightly depending on the size of a bitch. Moreover, in some bitches the cervix is very widened in the initial phase of a cycle and while inserting the probe no or slight resistance is felt. However, the rule 3/5 of length is still valid.


I receive a different reading after the probe has been inserted and when I press the button once again without moving the probe.

The possible reason is a difference in temperatures. Temperature affects the results. If the probe is kept in the vagina longer, it warms up and as a result subsequent results are different. Therefore, it is so important to perform measurements always in the same manner. The results read after a few seconds are more reliable, because the temperature of the instrument is similar to the temperature of the bitch body. The same method should be continued during all subsequent measurements.


I get random high readings. Why?

It usually happens when the probe is inserted too deep into the vagina (namely, the whole probe is inserted, up to the instrument housing). In this way it passes through the cervix resulting in random high readings.


All readings show low values (they do not exceed 150 or 200) – why?

It usually happens when the probe is inserted too shallow into the vagina (namely into the vulva) and there is no contact between the probe and the mucus which is the object of measurements. Moreover, the presence of salts in the urine may decrease the readings.


Why is there a difference between morning and evening measurements?

There is no “best time” to perform measurements. However, we have noticed that there might be differences between morning and evening measurements in some bitches.

We recommend to prepare charts for morning and evening readings. Although morning and evening measurements might be different, the profile of changes is the same. The peak value will appear at the same time.


How often should measurements be performed?

It is the best to perform them at the same time every day, if it is possible. As the procedure is so easy and fast, when readings start to increase it is recommended to perform 2, 3 or 4 measurements a day in order to determine the peak value very precisely, namely to determine the best time for mating.


Can I perform the procedure alone?

Yes, and the method is the same as while mating. However, another person is very helpful as they can hold a bitch during a measurement what should facilitate performing of the procedure.

Will my bitch suffer from pain?

No, unless you are very heavy handed and if you take obvious care and attention ~ the size of the probe (length & diameter) is similar to the penis of the dog (even in toy breeds). Each bitch is different and some of them accept the probe immediately at the first use, some of them seem surprised and others – worried, it is a similar reaction when a bitch reacts to a stud dog while mating.


How does the instrument work? Is its action connected with the temperature measurement?

No, the instrument measures the electrical resistance of vaginal mucus in the area of the cervix.