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Draminski HMM Press Baler Mounted Hay & Silage Moisture Temperature Meter with Sensor

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Draminski Baler Mounted Hay & Silage Moisture Temperature Meter with Sensor

Great for Hay and SILAGE Bales, Moisture Range 10-80%, Minimum, Maximum and Average Functions.

  • Temperature Display
  • LCD Digital Display with Large Numbers for Easy Reading
  • 2 Year Warranty


To meet expectations of numerous press trailer users we created a system which allows for real-time moisture monitoring in collected materials. It enables users to control quality and has significant impact on the production profitability.


Advantages of hay and straw moisture measurement system

  • An option to independently install the device in press trailers without any equipment to measure moisture levels of the compressed material.
  • Comfortable and continuous control of moisture level in the tractor cab.
  • Easy installation of reader thanks to a suction cap to stick to glass.
  • A backlit display makes it possible to work after dusk.
  • An option to read the average, minimum and maximum moisture value (up to 50 measurements) for the inspected batch of hay or straw.
  • Has an option to modify readings.
  • Small Compact Overall Size for Installation Flexibility
  • Powered from the universal 12V vehicle socket.


The set includes:

  • DRAMINSKI HMM-P Moisture Meter with power cable and suction handle (type NAVI),
  • measurement probe with connection cable,
  • reusable transport packaging (made of plastic),
  • manual.

Draminski has developed an invaluable farming tool which enables the moisture content of hay
and straw bales to be both simply and accurately measured. The regular monitoring of moisture levels
is essential in the production of high quality hay. This is because moisture content is the major factor
to affect quality and therefore the price achieved. Regular and reliable access to this information is
critical to the timing of harvesting. Moreover, once harvested the quality of the hay can be maintained
in storage through the continued monitoring of moisture levels. Such monitoring can help prevent
fungal attack and rot through the early detection of increased moisture content.
In addition, the ability to measure moisture content provides invaluable information when buying
and selling hay. This is because it allows for an accurate assessment of the quality and therefore
its corresponding value to be determined. Finally it is also an extremely useful tool in the calculation
of livestock rations, as livestock productivity performance is dependent upon the correct
consumption of dry matter.

DRAMINSKI MOISTURE METER for HAY AND STRAW BALERS measures changes occurring in the electrical conductivity of hay or straw, and then converts it into a percentage moisture reading which is shown on the LCD display. It provides both moisture and temperature readouts. The device is installed directly onto the baler. It is designed to give immediate results and is both easy to use and maintain.