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Dog Ovulation Detector by Draminski

Draminski Portable Ovulation Detector Meter that aids in determining the optimal time for mating.  Identification of 'false heat' 

Draminski Dog Pregnancy by Draminski

Pregnancy Detector for Dogs by Draminski.

Draminski iScan Ultrasound with Linear Probe for Horse and Cow

Draminski iScan with Linear Probe for Horse, Cow and Small Animals.  Portable, Durable, Waterproof Design for Field Use.

Dog ultrasound pregnancy detector draminski

Small Animal (Dogs, Cats, Goats, Sheep, Pigs, etc) Portable Ultrasound for Farmers, Breeders and Vets alike.

Draminski Estrous Detector Meter for Cows Mares

Determines the most fertile moment for breeding Horses and Cows

Draminski Mastitis Detector

Allows you to inspect the health of any Cow in just seconds!

Draminski Estrous Detector for Pigs

Draminski Pig Estrous Detector.  Eliminates need for uncertain visual observation.

Draminski Pregancy Detector for Pigs

Pregnancy Detector for Pigs by Draminski. (Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery of this item)