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Kelway Salinity, Soluble Salts Tester Meter


Kelway Salinity, Soluble Salts Tester Meter


         The low cost Salinity Tester designed for the grower
Control fertilizer input & increase soil productivity
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Compact - 5 x 3 x 2 Inches
Has built in cell and reads in PPM for Hydroponic Nutrient Solutions or in Millimhos for soil solutions

  • Measures soluble salts content in under 5 minutes.
  • Gives a direct reading which defines soil condition.
  • Includes easy to follow, complete instructions, plus a guide on procedures for soil improvement if you have high or low salinity.
  • Tells how to avoid problems by controlling salinity
  • Tells you when to leach
  • Portable - Sturdy - Accurate - Battery Powered
  • Test Hydroponic Nutrient Solutions or water


Designed for easy determination of soluble salts content in soil or solutions by measuring electrical conductivity.

Kelway SST - An easy to use instrument for Measuring Salinity
The Kelway SST tells you the soluble salt content of your soil to let you control fertilizer input and content

Salinity means soluble salt content (total minerals which can dissolve in your soil). It can be measured EASILY, RAPIDLY, and AT LOW COST by using the KELWAY SST. This tester determines the electrical conductivity of the soil and provides a direct readout plus a chart which tells you what your soil condition is.
Millimhos - for soil solutions
PPM - for hydroponics or water


Known benefits of salinity testing:
Dollar savings through reduced use of excess fertilizers - you may be wasting fertilizers and labor
Profit improvements from better crops and larger yields - It's not the crop failures alone - its the partial failures you don't often recognize, like a 10% or a 20% smaller plant or yield. It's also the slower growth that reduces your PRODUCTIVITY.

The KELWAY SST comes complete with everything you need for making fast, effective salinity tests. Includes built-in electrode(cell), test jar (premarked to help you make a soil in water solution easily), battery, thermometer and useful field carrying case. COMPLETE AND EASY TO FOLLOW INSTRUMENTS are provided. This professional tester is designed for the GROWER. Also includes a technical bulletin discussing the subject of salts content.

The Kelway SST - an indispensible tool!
  • Soils of too high or too low salinity reduce or inhibit plant growth
    • Very low salinity means lack of fertilizer. Growth is slower and yields are smaller.
      • Very high salinity leads to crop injury due to dehydration even if water is present because plant roots cannot absorb the available water.
        • Either condition can be corrected once the salinity is determined. You will know when to leach or take other remedial action.