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Best Harvest Manufactures and Sells Hay and Silage Moisture Testers, Delmhorst Meters, Hay Probes, Grain Probes, Grain Testers and Soil Sampler Probes. Carefully Engineered for Your Needs and the Specifications of the USDA, NFTA and Various Universities. 

Agratronix MT16 Grain Moisture TesterSilage, Hay & Crop Moisture TesterHay Bay Sampler Probe

Hay Probes for Sampling Bales

Grain Probe Samplers

Ovulation & Pregnancy Detectors

Agratronix-Farmex Moisture Meters

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Delmhorst F2000 DeluxeBest Harvest is an Authorized Dealer of Delmhorst Moisture MetersMeasure Hay Moisture in Bales and Windrows with Delmhorst Hay Moisture Meter Probes. Use the New FX-2000 with the Baler Mounted Sensor.  The Farmer's Trusted Brand for Over 60 Years!!!  Click on the DELMHORST Moisture Meter Tabs for  Sale Offers

Draminski Hay & Silage High-Moisture / Temperature Meter with Probe, (Most Rugged Available), 3 Yr Warranty

-  Moisture Range 10-80%

-  Use for Hay and Silage (High-Moisture Meter)

-  Temperature Display in Fahrenheit



We are so certain that you will be completely satisfied with our products, that we offer a 14-day Unconditional Money Back Guarantee.  If you are not completely satisfied, for any reason, return the product to us for a full refund less shipping costs.*

 All items are IN STOCK and Ship Quickly




Hay Probe Samplers for Bales - 18", 24", 36" Depths


Hay Bale Sampler Probe

Hay Probe and Forage Sampling is an Effective Method to Obtain a Feed Value Estimate of Forage that will be Fed to Livestock, a Mechanical Hay Probe Yields the Most Accurate Results for Nutrient Analysis.

Start Gathering Samples Quickly and Easily.  Attach a cordless drill, penetrate any forage or soil, clean-out rod pushes up to 20 hay probe core samples into 1-gallon zip-lock which is suspended from the collection shield.

Hay Probes Available in Drill or Push Types.

Call us or Click Hay Probe or Soil Sampler Probes to Learn More.

Best Harvest Crop, Forage & Silage Moisture Tester

Silage, Hay, Corn, Crop Moisture TesterMost Accurate  -  Available in 120V or 240V

  • Easy-to-Use Faster Version of USDA Approved Testing Method
  • Moisture Test Silage, Hay, Corn, Wheat, Rye, Beans, Barley, Rice, Forage, Nuts, Herbs, Wood Chips, Cotton and Much More
  • Determine when to Harvest, Bale and Store Hay & Crops
  • Control Dry Matter Intake in TMRs (total mixed rations)
  • Measures Silage Moisture Content up to 85
  • Crop & Silage Tester Accurate to 0.1% Moisture Content 

Be Confident in your Moisture Tester Results. 

Click on the Silage, Hay & Crop Moisture Tester 



Draminski Dog Ovulation & Pregnancy Detectors

- Helps determine optimal mating times

- Reduce costly Vet visits

- Helps eliminate 'repeat' mating

- 3 Year Warranty


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