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AgraTronix Windrow Hay Moisture Tester, 07140, 13-70% Moisture

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AgraTronix Windrow Hay Moisture Tester, 13-70% Moisture, 07140

The only one of its kind in the world! Now you can test hay moisture content in the windrow. One of the most important decision points in the management of quality hay occurs while the hay is drying in the windrow. Determining the correct moment to begin baling or chopping hay and forage is dependent upon the moisture content. This is the first portable tester for quickly measuring hay in the windrow, before baling. Finally, you can drive out to the windrow and check moisture content without committing to the time and expense of using your baling or chopping equipment before the hay is at the correct moisture. Testing is easy! Add loose hay or forage to a 5-gallon bucket (not included) and press tester into the hay or forage for measurement. Time from sample to test result: 30 seconds to one minute. Measuring range: 13% to 70% moisture.