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Delmhorst FX2000 Package Deluxe 10'' Package; FX2000, H4, 8302, 831, 315ACC, 1986 Sensor w/30ft Cable, 324Case-0065



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An exciting development of recent years in hay baling has been the practice of "Continuous Monitoring." With the installation of a Delmhorst FX-2000 Hay Moisture Meter in the tractor cab connected to a special Bale Sensor in the bale chamber the operator can monitor hay moisture while baling.


The Delmhorst FX-2000 Hay moisture meter collects and processes 2 readings every second and displays the average highest of 8 accumulated readings. Reading continually update every 4 seconds. This gives the operator a reliable way of monitoring hay for optimum quality and safety against fire.


Product Details:

• Microcontroller circuit

• Backlit digital display

• 6%-40% moisture range for hay

• Built-in calibration check

• Can be used as a continuous monitor during baling or as a portable meter

• Three-Year Warranty


In Continuous Mode: • Takes two readings every second • Displays the average and highest of eight accumulated readings • Readings updated every four seconds In Portable Mode: • Averages up to 100 accumulated readings • Displays average and highest of accumulated readings


Deluxe Package Includes:

FX-2000 Digital Hay Meter and Power Supply

Bale Sensor (Continuous Monitoring) for square or round balers

H-4 Handle

10" Probe for testing baled hay

Short Pin Prod for testing hay in windrows

Mounting Clip (for inside tractor)

30-ft. Source Cable

Carrying Case. CSA approved.