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Delmhorst FX-30 Hay+++ Meter Value 10'' Package; FX-30 and 1235 Probe



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Delmhorst FX-30 Digital Hay Moisture Meter Value Package measures moisture levels in the windrow and standard bales.


Together with the new Delmhorst EDGE™ app (FX-30), users can customize meter settings and share MC data or graphs from any jobsite quickly and accurately.

The Delmhorst EDGE app offers:

  • Timestamp & Geotag
  • Data Export to .CSV Format
  • Save Unlimited Readings
  • Customized LED Ranges
  • Multi-language


Delmhorst makes one-hand operation easy when baling


Value Package Includes:

  • FX-30 Digital Meter (Bluetooth Connectivity AppHay, Hops, Hemp, Brazil Nuts, Tobacco and Dates
  • 1235 10" Probe


FX-30 Delmhorst Hay Moisture Meter:


The Delmhorst FX-30 Digital Hay Plus Moisture Meter is the latest in the new Navigator family of moisture meters from Delmhorst.   Uniquely designed for use in the field with a dashboard-like display that is easy to read under most conditions, and large, easy to use navigation buttons.


The Delmhorst FX-30 multi-purpose meter features the Delmhorst EDGE™ app with customizable settings and user-selectable calibrations for Hay, Hops, Hemp, Brazil Nuts, Tobacco and Dates.  Having a reliable, accurate tool to monitor moisture through each phase of the process enhances quality control and increases profits.


This digital meter is used to check the moisture content of hay before baling and to check the moisture content of bales for safe storage. It also features an adjustable, audible set-point to alert you when a pre-selected % of moisture has been reached.



  • Large, custom display with auto backlight – easy to ready under all conditions
  • On-screen readings statistics – High, Low, Average, Standard Deviation, Last 10
  • Alarm set point - alerts to user-selected MC level
  • Measures moisture content over the range of 6%-40%
  • Three-year warranty
  • Great for the hay producer who utilizes the memory features for enhanced quality control
  • Internal calibration check
  • QR code on meter for easy access to support materials and meter registration
  • “Low Batt” warning with audio
  • Auto off timer. Set to 1m, 4m or 10m


Value Package Includes:

FX-30 Digital Hay Meter

1235 10" Probe